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So, a comprehensive diagnosis includes: electroencephalography; rheoencephalography; echo encephalography; magnetic resonance imaging (MRI); computed tomography (CT). The main analysis in determining this disease is MRI. It is the only way to make a diagnosis. Since in the case of other research options, it is only possible to recognize the presence of a tumor process, and only MRI allows you to find out the nature of cialis 20mg pills.

A neurologist will use the entire range of diagnostic procedures to identify pathology and prescribe the right treatment.

Treatment of an arachnoid cerebrospinal fluid cyst, as a rule, can be carried out in two ways: drug therapy (conservative method of tadalafil); surgical intervention.


In the event that the cyst does not increase in size and does not bother the patient, it is possible to avoid surgical intervention. However, this does not mean that the patient should not go to the doctor, rather, on the contrary, he must be under his supervision and regularly undergo diagnostic measures. Moreover, there is a basic set of medications that the doctor will prescribe to the patient, even if he does not have clinical manifestations of the disease, these include: antiviral drugs; immunostimulating drugs; medicines that stimulate the resorption of adhesions; drugs that provoke an improvement in blood supply.

If the cyst grows and the symptoms gradually increase, surgical intervention is indicated. There are three options for the operation: endoscopic method. Shunting. Excision of the cyst.




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The preferred method is endoscopic. This method involves removing the contents of the cyst through a small opening (burr hole) in the skull, the diameter of cialis pills can vary from a few millimeters to 1.5–2 centimeters. After the contents are removed, a special opening is created connecting the cyst to the ventricle or subarachnoid space to prevent its refilling.

Office Hours:  Shunting implies the introduction of a special shunt into the cyst, through which all the cerebrospinal fluid accumulated in it flows into the abdominal cavity, where it is absorbed. The main drawback of this technique is the risk of clogging the shunt.

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Excision (removal) of the cyst is the most traumatic and rarely used method. The fact is that when removing a cyst, there is a very high risk of damage to the adjacentbrain areas that lead to it, which in turn will lead to neurological problems.

The prognosis for this disease, despite its severity, is very optimistic and life after surgery is quite normal. With timely treatment, the patient recovers completely. Naturally, if there is no treatment or it is of generic tadalafil best quality, certain consequences may occur, and in especially neglected cases, even a fatal outcome.

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Normally, the patient recovers within a few weeks. As for preventive measures, namely, those aimed at reducing the risk of developing a cyst, do not exist. However, there are general recommendations that will help not only reduce the risk of arachnoid cyst formation, but also other tumors, including: